Private Spaces to Exchange and Stay Connected with your Customers

Simplify your customer’s experience and increase your productivity with our all-in-one platform. Delight your customers with every interaction: easily share notes and files, host virtual meetings, chat live and much more!

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All-in-One Platform Rocketing Sales Professionals in a Digital-First World

Private Spaces
Ease exchanges and improve your customer’s experience
Private Spaces
Virtual Selling
Integrated video conferencing capabilities
Virtual Selling
Meeting Templates
Save on preparation time with pre-built templates
Meeting Templates
Automated Summaries
Instantly share structured meeting summaries
Automated Summaries
Live Chat
Support and assist your customers promptly
Live Chat
Meeting Scheduling
Reduce unnecessary emails and book meetings effortlessly
Meeting Scheduling
Document Library
Directly access your securely stored files
Document Library
Exchange of Files
Facilitate bidirectional sharing of files – big or small
Exchange of Files
Notification Center
Gain insights on your customer’s level of interest
Notification Center
and more

Private Space

Ease exchanges

Centralize all interactions with customers in one dedicated place.

Improve the buyer experience

Make it simple for all participants to access key information.

Video Conferences

Seamless video call experiences

Join secured video conference rooms hosted directly within your shared Space.

Meeting Companion

Structure your meetings

Unify notes, documents and web pages you plan on using during your meeting.

Save preparation time

Create and use Meeting Templates with 
pre-selected content.

Automated Meeting Summary

Generate and share summaries instantly

Structure meeting recaps and easily share them with participants within the Space.

Manage participants’ accesses

Select who can access Meeting Summaries and its content.

Create long-lasting relationships

Pre-register before our official launch and get 12 months of Free Premium Access

Live Chat

Connect with customers faster

Answer customers’ questions rapidly and improve the support you provide them.

Meeting Scheduling

Reduce unnecessary emails

Synchronize your calendar and let customers schedule you at their convenience.

File Sharing and Requesting

Bidirectional knowledge sharing

Empower your customers to make faster and more informed decisions.

Simplify heavy file delivery

Give customers instant access to heavy documents, including videos.

Document Library

Easy access to all collateral

Securely store and centralize all your documents in one place, easily accessible at all time.

Notification Center

Make more effective follow-ups

Know when a customer has engaged in a Space and follow-up at the right time.

Deliver memorable customer experiences

Pre-register before our official launch and get 12 months of Free Premium Access

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We are glad you asked! SoftSell is a new and innovative way for you to connect with your customers. You can create private Spaces for each of your customer relationship and keep communication and exchanges organized in a simple feed.

    SoftSell provides sales professionals with many tools to save time and to adapt to customers’ new expectations, primarily with the need for simplicity and security.

  • Yes. You can securely exchange with customers in SoftSell.

    In fact, SoftSell was designed with privacy in mind. Each Spaces and Video Conference Rooms are encrypted and offer many ways to ensure all shared information, conversations and files are safe and secured.

    SoftSell also delivers enterprise-grade security at every layer, adhering to multiple compliance certifications, including SOC 2.

  • SoftSell offers a Free version, which comes with certain limitations compared to our full version. However, there is no limit as to how long you can enjoy it!

  • Create dedicated Spaces for each of your relationship, then simply invite customers to join.

    It only takes a few clicks to set your Space and start collaborating.

  • No. You do not pay for each guest participants! However there is a limit depending on your plan.

  • You do not need to download any application to use SoftSell. It is a web-based platform, which is accessible on any browsers and devices. Making it a truly convenient way to connect with customers!

  • Never! Starting to use SoftSell does not require any commitment on your end.

  • With your Free Premium Account you can invite as many as 10 guest participants per Space!

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